Foods That Help Promote a Bigger Bust Size

Did you know that you can increase your breast size and enhance your breasts simply by eating food? It is true. Of course, not just any food, but if you eat foods that are rich in estrogen, you will help promote natural growth of your breast tissue.

To achieve maximum results, you can pair eating these foods below with a natural breast enhancement cream or pill. Ready to learn what foods you need to start chowing down on? Here we go!

  • Food 1: Leafy Greens :

    Not only are leafy greens healthy for you, they help to stimulate tissue growth in your breasts, which will in turn make your breasts larger. Some of the leafy greens you should be eating include alfalfa sprouts, green leaf lettuce, and spinach. All of these greens offer a hefty portion of calcium, antioxidants, and iron too.

  • Food 2: Soy Beans :

    If you are not a fan of soy beans, you may want to revisit the idea of eating them. Soy beans are rich in phytoestrogens, which is a growth hormone that is responsible for natural breast growth. You will notice an increase in the size of your breasts when you pair soy with other options such as breast creams and supplements.

    If you are set against eating soy beans, consider replacing your milk with soymilk. You may not receive as many nutrients, but you will still receive some.

  • Food 3: Herbs :

    While you can’t just simply put herbs in your mouth and eat away, you can use them in soups, casseroles, and more. In fact, herbs such as fenugreek and fennel are known to promote breast tissue growth and health. In addition, these herbs can help boost milk production in lactating and breastfeeding moms.

  • Food 4: Milk :

    Milk is a dairy product that comes in a variety of fat content levels from fat free to whole. Milk is a good source of prolactin and progesterone and you will find that these hormones help produce your milk flow in your breasts and stimulate growth.

  • Food 5: Seafood :

    If you enjoy eating seafood, then you will be glad you checked out this list. Seafood such as oysters, prawns, and shell fish are all beneficial for you and they are an excellent source of manganese. This nutrient is known to help increase your libido and will also promote breast tissue growth as well.

  • Food 6: Tofu :

    Tofu may not sound appealing to you at first, but it is full of estrogen, which will promote healthy breast growth and tofu can be manipulated to look like and taste like your favorite foods. Tofu is also low in fat, but high in protein, which means it is a great diet food for those who may be watching their weight.

  • Food 7: Whole Grains and Fruits :

    If your body has too much testosterone, it will impede breast tissue growth and you may not notice a change in the size of your breasts. Consuming whole grains and fruits can help keep your testosterone levels in check and prevent an overproduction of it.

    If you are interested in increasing your bust size naturally, try eating the foods on this list. In addition to these foods, you may also want to check out breast enhancement creams such as Brestrogen or Naturaful. If you are looking for a breast enhancement pill, Bustmaxx and Breast Actives are great choices.

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