Natural Ways to Increase Your Breast Size

Almost every woman dreams about having big, round, firm breasts that look amazing in shirts an out of shirts. While some women are blessed with these breasts, many women are not and they yearn for the opportunity to increase their bust size.

One of the reasons many women do not choose to increase their bust size is because they think their only option is through surgery. Luckily, there are natural ways to enhance and enlarge your breasts without going under a scalpel to do so.

Below, we will talk about some of the natural ways that you can enlarge your breasts and you can start all of these ways whenever you want.

  • Way to Increase Your Breast Size 1: Exercises

    Exercising is a great way to naturally enhance and enlarge the size of your breasts. When you do exercise, you want to focus on your upper chest and pectoral area. As you firm up these muscles, your breasts will appear firmer and perkier.

    It is important that you keep exercising and do not give up if you do not notice results right away. It will take some time and you must continue to exercise to keep any of the results you achieve.

  • Way to Increase Your Breast Size 2: Illusions

    Visual illusions are easy to create and many women use them as a temporary benefit, but it is important to note that these illusions are not permanent solutions.

    When we discuss illusions to make your breasts appear bigger, we are talking about push-up bras, cleavage contouring, which is done with makeup, and wearing multiple bras or using inserts. The biggest downside to this solution is that once you remove the makeup or bras, your breasts will return instantly to their normal look.

  • Way to Increase Your Breast Size 3: Food

    If you want to increase your chances of a bigger bust size, you can consume foods that are high in estrogen. By eating these foods, you will stimulate natural breast tissue growth, which will result in a bigger breast size.

    Some of the foods you should be eating include alfalfa sprouts, chicken, nuts, avocado, seafood, and vegetables such as beets and carrots.

  • Way to Increase Your Breast Size 4: Breast Enhancement Creams

    Breast enhancement creams such as Naturaful and Brestrogen offer you a way to naturally increase the size of your breasts. These creams are made with all-natural ingredients, so they do not pose a risk to your health and you will not experience any side effects while using them.

    The cream is applied to your breasts usually twice per day and is rubbed in until fully absorbed. There are ingredients within the cream that are used to stimulate the growth of breast tissue.

    Results typically take about eight weeks, but some women may see results sooner than that.

  • Way to Increase Your Breast Size 5: Breast Enhancement Supplements

    Breast enhancement supplements are similar to breast enhancement creams, but instead of rubbing a cream on your breasts, you take a pill daily. These pills are made with all-natural herbs and plants that promote breast tissue growth and increase blood flow to your breasts.

    Two of the most popular breast enhancement supplement options include Bustmaxx and Breast Actives. Those who choose to take these supplements will need to take them twice per day and results are achieved in three to six months.

  • Way to Increase Your Breast Size 6: Breast Pump

    A breast enlargement pump is designed to help increase your breast size naturally and can be used in the comfort of your home. The idea behind the pump is tissue expansion, which means that the suction from the pump will stimulate blood flow in your breasts, which will in turn increase your breast size naturally.