Naturaful Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no trick to applying the cream other than following the directions and applying it as often as directed. Results will not be noticeable immediately and you will need to give it some time until you see the results. Many women do not begin to see results until they have been using the product consecutively for three or four months.
Yes. Naturaful is made using the best ingredients available and all of the ingredients have been manufactured in approved facilities. There have been no reported major side effects of this product and because of the natural ingredients, it is unlikely that you will suffer any major side effects from it.
No. There are no known side effects to applying the cream more often than what is recommended; however, it is important to note that repeated applications in the same day may not increase the speed at which you see results.
There are several benefits to using this product and many women experience not only enlarging of their breasts, but also firmness and evening of size. In addition, the product can promote weight loss, reduce PMS symptoms you may experience, and also regulate your mood.
No. Naturaful is not designed to make you gain weight or mass in any other areas of your body. In fact, the product will only work on your breast tissue and not any other area, even if applied there.
Not everyone. We recommend that only adults, 18 years and older use this product. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, lactating, or pregnant, we do not recommend using this product.
Since Naturaful promotes growth of your breast tissue, the results are permanent and you will not lose the additional tissue growth; however, breast tissue and mass can deplete over time with age, which means that you may eventually lose some of the firmness and size. A routine program and/or follow up program will help maintain the size, shape, and feel of your breasts.

If you are interested in Naturaful or you have some additional questions that have not been answered above, we recommend that you call our office today.

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